The team at Pinnacle Exteriors will work hand and hand with insurance companies to replace hail or wind damaged roofs with top of the line products and heavily trained installers. Our goal is to leave your home with the highest level of protection from what mother nature has to throw at it.




Pinnacle Exteriors has an in-house repair team on call to make any and all repairs needed to your home. Whether it’s a small repair, or a complete reroof, no job is too small. We can also handle interior repairs caused by leaks. We are a one stop shop for all your roofing needs.


Calling multiple contractors can be overwhelming. When a roof leaks there may be repairs which need to be made on the interior of your home our business as well. We will be happy to facilitate all of your repairs including Sheetrock, Facia, AC, Soffit, Flooring, and Electric. 

Solar powered VENTILATION

We can update your ventilation with Attic Breeze Gen2 Solar Powered Vents. These solar vents use no electricity and will come with a 30% federal tax credit while also lowering your electric bill. Proper ventilation prolongs the life expectancy of your shingles. Without proper ventilation, shingles will harden and become blistered creating a short life expectancy and a high chance of leaks. 



Does rain water rush off your roof creating holes in your garden? Call Pinnacle Exteriors to install seamless 6-inch k-style gutters on your home. These gutters will be fabricated on site in any color you prefer, with a 20-year anti fade warranty form the manufacturer.


Bring new life to your roof. Stains caused by black algae can make your roof look far older than it is. Pressure washing a roof will damage the shingles and create leaks. Our soft wash system uses state of the art products that are biodegradable and safe for plants and pets. Call us out for a free quote to give your home a higher level of curb appeal.



Wanting to repair or give the exterior of your home a face lift? Upgrade your home or businesses with Pinnalce Exteriors durable siding products and professional installation.



Sheet metal & flashing

Pinnacle Exteriors Sheet Metal Division can replace, repair, and install new metal roofing panels of all types for your home or business.  Our skilled metal craftsman can install new flashing using our in house metal brake to be sure the job is done right the first time!